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About Khuri Oasis Desert Resort

Luxury camps have become the traditional way of experiencing life of residents of Khuri desert , visited by celebrities, honeymooners and peace-seekers alike. Largely eco sensitive and built by local workers using local materials, the camps are a relatively guilt-free way to enjoy the tranquillity and wildlife of the desert.

For families, couples and single travellers who seek a carefree nature retreat, amidst the sun kissed Thar desert, our Khuri Camp is the place to visit. The desert Resort is located near Khuri Village 49 kilometres away from Jaisalmer. Our goal is that you leave feeling content and happier than when you arrive. So escape the hustle bustle of the cities and stay with us to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Everybody should take a camel ride deep in sand dunes and watch breath-taking sunsets and sunrises.

All our tent furniture have been crafted by hand using natural and local materials. Staff at Oasis camp and Resort is made up of rural people of Sodakore cast which is our contribution to rural and responsible tourism. This also helps provide employment to the local village folk.

Our desirable location allows guests to make the most of their visit to Jaisalmer. While staying with us, one can indulge into a number of activities like bird watching, interacting with the vibrant village folk, camel treks, village visits, dinner on the sand dunes, taking a tractor ride and even plucking your own fruits and vegetables!

We feel that we have prepared all aspects of our campsite to ensure that our guests are comfortable with us and really enjoy the Rajasthani desert life splendour.